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African & Caribbean Heritage Association

COVID19 information

Covid19 Vaccination Awareness

As part of our community action plan for year 2021 we are committed to raise awareness and encourge our contacts to take on the vaccinations available to them .. We simply sign post them to the right professional bodies and all events and venues available to get full information of vaccinations available in areas of London borough of Sutton .

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1.   Covid19 key messages      - As received on Tuesday 5th April 2022 - See message from Nadine Whyatt (Senior Engagement Manager, Sutton NHS)    "  NW: For the over 75s there has been some confusion. The 2nd dose had to be at least 8 weeks after your 1st. Booster is 3 months after 2nd dose. Spring booster is 6 months after booster unless you are invited "